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Three Levels of AKCCOP Membership are Offered:

  1. An ACTIVE MEMBER is an employed community college occupational professional whose yearly AKCCOP dues are currently paid.  Active members shall be entitled to vote, to hold office, and to participate in all activities of the Association.

  2. An ASSOCIATE MEMBER is one who is no longer engaged in educational support work, but desires to keep in touch with the association.  An associate member may, upon payment of annual dues, have all the privileges of the active members except those of holding office and voting. 

  3. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP, in recognition of outstanding service during a period of at least five years and upon retirement from a Kansas community college, may be conferred by a vote of the majority of active members. Honorary members do not pay dues and are exempt from voting and holding office.  See our Bylaws for all membership details.


The Benefits of Membership:

  1. ANNUAL CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE provides opportunities to share problems, solutions, insights and ideas. Registration and expenses are the responsibility of each member, either individually or through the local organization.

  2. CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS are earned by attending Annual Conference.

  3. STATE-WIDE NETWORKING offers occupational professionals an opportunity to gain contacts and personal knowledge. The URL of our electronic membership directory is available from the local presidents and/or reporters.

  4. GRANTS ARE AVAILABLE to help with costs necessary to expand personal education in any field.


How do I join AKCCOP?

Educational support personnel generally become AKCCOP members through their local campus groups.
Anyone unable to join AKCCOP through a local group may contact our state treasurer directly.
Annual dues of $7.00 are to be paid within thirty (30) days of the Annual Conference. 
The membership year of the association is from Conference to Conference. 
Click here for AKCCOP annual dues registration form.