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We are the Association of Kansas Community College Occupational Professionals, an organization which traces its history back more than four decades. Our membership is made up of hard working education support professionals from two-year colleges across the state of Kansas. AKCCOP is not a union or a trade organization. We are a group of people who cooperate together to provide quality training and productive camaraderie for all who are involved. 

"The purpose of this organization shall be
to promote the standards of the occupational professionals
within the community colleges of Kansas,
and to provide a finer understanding of the relationship
between our colleges and communities,
so that we may better serve our institutions."

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Secretaries of the junior colleges of Kansas met for the first time in 1968 in Great Bend.  The result was the formation, in 1969, of the Kansas Community College Education Secretaries Association.

By April of 1970, the group had written a constitution and bylaws, which were distributed and gained approval.  A year of growth followed that paralleled the development of community colleges throughout the state.  As the association expanded it began to draw involvement from people handling varied office positions.

At the 1981 meeting, members voted to adopt the name Association of Kansas Community College Office Personnel to better reflect the range of fields represented in AKCCOP.  The bylaws have been updated and revised in order to adapt to continued development and copies are available on the AKCCOP website. 

In 1982, AKCCOP adopted a new logo composed of three overlapping shafts of Kansas wheat set in a cameo representing the concept of administration, faculty and staff working together in a common effort to enhance education.  The logo wasn’t the only improvement of the 80’s.  During 1982 the association also began to publish the “Kansas Kollator,” a newsletter that helps members keep up on professional advancement and accomplishments, growth and changes at campuses across Kansas, and activities of each chapter.

A Grant Program was established in March of 1984 which makes scholarships available for active members interested in advancing their education.

The name of our organization was changed in April of 1991 to Association of Kansas Community College Office Professionals, and updated in 2012 to Association of Kansas Community College Occupational Professionals.  The current name better indicated the comprehensive skills in the organization. Today AKCCOP continues its traditions of growth and service—traditions that can involve you.


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